cascreamindude (cascreamindude) wrote in harvardwestlake,

Please do not make fraudulent posts, whether these posts concern the addition of teachers who do not actually teach at HW, third party information (ie: "I heard that..."), etc. I recently had to deal with a strain of vulgarities, etc. Your IP is logged, so don't think you'll "get away" with it. Let's keep the site as helpful and organized as possible, please.

Also, NOTE:

All ratings of "1 1 1" (Easiness=1, Helpfulness=1, Clarity=1) will be deleted UNLESS a supporting comment is provided. The same goes for all ratings of "5 5 5". Something just as simple as "She was a bad teacher" does suffice, the point is to prevent as many fraudulent posts as possible. Most preferably, please comment for every single rating you submit. This makes the RateMyTeachers service most useful to other students, and is much appreciated by not only them, but by me as well, makes administrating the RMT site a little easier.
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